Dungarvan Brewing Company

Blackrock Irish Stout

This article is dedicated to one of my favourite things, BEER! However the beer shown here is no ordinary beer it is in fact Irish micro-brewery beer. I must say I praise the Gods for a renaissance in the micro-brewing industry in Ireland and the reason is multifaceted.

1) It gives more choice to the local beer drinker.

2) Perhaps more importantly it gives some people a living and if supported this will turn into more jobs for the people of Dungarvan and all the benefits to the local economy that accompany that.

3) It’s made in Ireland

4) I love anything locally produced.

Dungarvan Brewing Company is located in Dungarvan, Co. Waterford on the south east coast of Ireland, producing a range of bottle-conditioned craft beers. All  the beers are traditionally brewed and bottled on-site in Dungarvan and are distributed throughout Ireland.

The core range consists of three beers – Black Rock Irish Stout, Copper Coast Red Ale and Helvick Gold Blonde Ale – Their products are stocked in a range of quality off-licenses, bars and restaurants throughout Ireland. A full list of stockists is available here. Their beers are generally available bottled but are also served on cask from quality ale houses.

Copper Coast Red Ale & my Favourite
Helvick Gold Blonde Ale

Having tasted all three I have to say  my favoured beer to drink with my lunch of whiting and chorizo was the Copper Coast Red Ale. As all beers are non-filtered there is some sediment but this adds to the experience of drinking an artisinal beer. All are very flavoursome and rich, all highly reccommended.

Midleton Market Whiting with Chorizo, shallots & capers and my favourite Copper Coast Red Ale Dee-licious

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