Mrs Hederman’s Cakes & Tarts

3 of Mrs Hederman's Cakes Fresh from Midleton Market this morning

Like every great man, (Belvelly smokehouse  standing right behind him is two even greater women and Mrs Hederman (Caroline Workman & Frank’s daughter Alex) are no exception.

Often the admin people when things get busy as ‘Frank is useless’ at that sort of thing, the Hederman ladies are stepping out from behind Frank`s large shadow to bring foodies their own range of delicious pies and tarts. Caroline was a food writer for ten years in Belfast before moving to Cork and in her own words ‘swallowed by Belvelly Smoke House’.

Indeed you can therefore expect a smoked fish or two to be included in the wonderful pies ‘Mrs Hederman’ makes. After a very windy & cold  chat at Midleton Market this morning I was delighted when ‘Mrs Hederman’ presented me with a couple of sweet treats to taste, they were so good I had to have a little photoshoot with them.

‘Mrs Hederman’ can be found at Midleton Market every saturday and on Facebook at!/pages/Mrs-Hederman/288781658265?sk=wall

See my article on Frank’s Belvelly Smokehouse here

Some of Mrs Hedermans Fish cakes (photo courtesy of Mrs Hederman).

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