Frank Hederman Belvelly Smokehouse

Frank Hederman in his traditional smokehouse

Frank Hederman’s smokehouse is no ordinary smokehouse, it is ‘the’ oldest traditional smokehouse in the country and Frank himself is artisanal food-producing royalty. In fact his smoked fish has been served to royalty, at the Queen of England’s birthday.

Tramping along the gravel to Frank’s smokehouse I wonder just how many famous celebrity chefs have smelled the same smoke-scented air? Frank does most of his business in London and many famous names such as Heston Blumenthal, Richard Corrigan and Rick Stein have championed his top quality produce.

Frank says his system of smoking his fish is the simplest in the world, however dig a little deeper and you will find that Frank uses beech wood chips, which are specially made for him in the UK and is an indication of the attention to detail that over 25 years in the business has afforded him.

I remarked to Frank that my son is one of his biggest fans (wolfing down smoked salmon, usually found in some of London’s top restaurants, no sooner than it has left his Midleton stall) and Frank concurred that children have an unusual fondness for his smoked salmon, in fact there is one little boy who makes a regular trip to Frank’s stall at the Midleton market, as he would the playground. This only underlines the great taste and texture, as children with their desire to explore the world with their mouths, are certainly honest about what they like and don’t like.

Frank’s products include, Smoked Organic Salmon, Smoked Silver Eels, Smoked Mackerel, Smoked Mussels and Smoked Garlic.

Belvelly Castle a landmark near Frank’s Smokehouse.

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