Castlemary Goats Cheese Cork

Olive Hallahan at her farm shop near Cloyne Co Cork

New cheeses are appearing all over Cork every year, it is getting hard to keep up! Luckily Castlemary goats cheese is made only 10 minutes from where I live and can definitely be termed my most local cheese.

This vibrant goats cheese (Goat cheddar and log) is made by the equally vibrant Olive & John Hallahan at a currently small but expanding scale and can be bought directly from the farm shop on a Sat between 10am and 4pm.

Hard Castlemary goats cheddar (image courtesy of Olive & John).

The cheese is made from a herd of around 60 very happy looking goats.


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  1. Hello! This is Pam Trynovich from Wellsboro PA (USA) I would like to get in touch with Olive Hallahan if I could. I have a cheese making question for her.
    Dose she have an email ? I thank you for your time.

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