New Year Salmon/Crab Cakes

Happy new year all, and for the first post of 2012 I am going to break the initial vision for this blog and blog a recipe that I have cooked. Why? Well I love to cook and I aim to blog  more about my food philosophy which is not only to use local products, producers and wild food  as much as possible but also food as a medicinal thing. In this blog I will share a recipe that I currently love not only for it`s taste but also for it`s medicinal value. It is the new year, a time to detox and get healthy again so my salmon/crab cakes are something I will be cooking alot in Jan in a bid to get fit and healthy again.

Ingredients for my Salmon/Crab cakes

The ingredients for this came today from Supervalue in Midleton Cork this should do approx 3 to 4 meals for a singleton or enough for 5 people as a starter.

 Salmon/crab cake Ingredients

1 Smoked salmon (Union Hall Smoke house Cork) or ordinary salmon fillet.

2 packs of crab meat (Ted Browne of Dingle Co Kerry).

Spring Onions (2 bunches)

Ginger (approx a thumb length)

Garlic (1 head)

1 Cuthberts bakery round loaf (which is a small round crusty bread loaf)

Mayonaise approx 3 large tablespoons

Sweet Corn

3 Red chillis

Bunch of Dill (or corriander).


A few dashes of Lea & Perrins sauce

1 lime

Mayo dipping sauce

Mayonaise (I just used Hellmans)

1 lime (juice and grated zest)

2 cloves of Garlic

To make these cakes a food mixer/blender is really all thats needed.

First blend up the bread to make breadcrumbs, place in a bowl and set aside.

Then literally blend all the other ingredients together to whatever consistency is to your own personal taste.

Next transfer the mix into a large bowl, and mix with almost half the bread crumbs taking care to ensure that the mix stays moist see image below.

Mix of ingredients after blending in food mixer.

Next with a spoon take a spoonful and put onto some bread crumbs on a plate and roll in these, shape the ball into a cake shape and place on a clean dish see image below.

Cakes ready to fry

Finally put on a hot pan with a good glug of rapseeed oil or olive oil. I like also as soon as they go onto the pan to squash them down into a thin cake using a fish slice at this stage to help them cook quicker. And after 3 to 5 mins flipping on both sides turning the cakes golden you have a very tasty meal. Serve with salad and side lime/garlic dipping mayo.

Finished Cakes served simply with Rocket salad dressed with olive oil and lime juice and lime/garlic mayo.

Note any fish can be used for this recipe and I intend to vary them as the year goes by.

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  1. Looking forward to more Corkonion recipes. Good photos 🙂

  2. i saw your comment over on “oiyoufood” and thought i’d stop by ~ lovely recipes and photos

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