Ballycotton Seafood Langoustine Scampi & and Irish Rapseed oil homemade Aioli.

Ballycotton Langoustine Scampi with homemade Irish Rapeseed oil aioli

Hello all,

Well I tried something I never tried before today, I decided to take a more lets see what is available and cook whats fresh approach.

So when I arrived at Ballycotton seafood fish shop in midleton today I had the intention of using the freshest fish available. I was in luck as there was a fantastic array of still alive Langoustines also known as Dublin bay prawns, Norweigian lobster or scampi. These guys look great and very appetising see below. The lady in the shop said I might need to wait a day to shell them as they were so fresh (I thankfully ignored her and shelled them this afternoon anyway).

Langoustine still kicking from Ballycotton Seafood Midleton Cork

How on earth do you cook these live animals I hear you ask? Well I asked myself the same question as to be frank we Irish usually only see these animals when we are abroad. The irony of this is not lost on me as the langoustines we see abroad are more than likely taken from Irish or UK waters by Irish and UK fishermen only to be shipped abroad for consumption.

So what do you do with them when you get home, the video below is excellent and easy to follow, if I can follow it anyone can. Follow the belowe video about 1.51 mins in  (the 2nd part is the relevant bit so ignore the first demo to make grilled langoustines) and you will have nice little prawn meat and alot of shell and heads. It is recommended to use this for a fish stock


Now as I am going to do a scampi (deep fried Langoustine) with homemade  aioli I need to prepare these see ingredients below.

Aioli Recipe

2 eggs yokes

Dunola Irish extra virgin  Rapeseed  oil or Donegal Rapeseed oil

1 tablespoon of Mustard

1 tablespoon of white wine vinegar

2 cloves of Garlic


Salt & pepper

To make mayo is quite easy simply beat 2 egg yokes with the vinegar and mustard the dribble in the oil beating all the while and it emulsifys.

Mix in Corriander and garlic

Next up is the Dungarvan Brewing company beer batter

Beer batter ingredients

To make the batter add two egs to a bowl then half a bottle of Dungarvan Brewing company helvic  blonde or any other beer for that matter, then add the flour (I just use intuition not any pre-weighed amounts) and beat into a batter simple.

Then dip your scampi into flour and then into the batter

Then  deep fry in pre-heated oil (I deep fried in my wok with the rest of the rape seed oil), or you can use a deep fat fryer if you have one for only 2 to 3 minutes, avoiding burning the batter. Note the Rape seed oil can be re-used after it cooks. Also a chef tip I picked up is to add the scampi to the oil but float them in it for a while (I used a fork to avoid burns) so that it doesnt sink to the bottom (which it does if you drop them straight it in).

All thats left is to plate up

Delicious Scampi

These were great (note I had never cooked these before so I was dead chuffed they turned out as good as these).


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  1. grainnep says:

    These look yummy… I love the rape seed oil, I just found it late last year but have been converted since! Your blog is great, I had to blog travel to the US to find you!!..

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