Growing my Own Veg

My seed propagators available from any garden shop

Note: I suggest reading this post whilst playing the marvellous ‘I need’ by Maverick Sabre an awesome new Irish talent, the you tube video of which I have placed at the bottom of this post.

This year I will be stepping into the latter part of my thirties and with that comes the inevitable desire to slow down and get more in touch with nature and dare I say it gardening! There is still some resistance however as I still don`t have the desire to have a garden for a garden’s sake, as always with me, there must be a practical reason to my hobbies and in this case it is the practical money saving benefit of growing my own vegetables and herbs. Add to this the unrivalled taste and health benefits of growing your own, fresh from the garden seasonal and hopefully organic produce, nevermind the obvious satisfaction that comes with that. Growing my own, while a new departure for me, is certainly not new and is fashionably very ‘now’ at the moment. Reflecting on why, led me to think about how my grandfather used to always have an allotment growing all sorts of veg and most importantly spuds (feeding a family of 9). My father ‘a baby boomer’ toyed with growing his own in the seventies when I was a toddler, but gave up when pests munched almost everthing he was growing. That leads me to reflect on how this ‘baby boomer’ generation in general  seemed to be the ‘supermarket’ generation and were the first generation to abandon local butchers and produce in favour of supermarkets, the generation also that stopped fishing and forgot all the knowlege of wild food (or simply did not pass it on). I could go on but it seems this generation (mine) are simply returning to what the baby boomers forgot or abandoned, I think we will be the better for it.

Larger window sill pots with no holes so water doesn`t go all over the floor available in B&Q Cork

So what am I doing, growing? Well I have started small, with a few propagators (shown above) filled with produce I use a lot of such as chilli peppers, corriander, basil, parsley, chives, rocket, garlic, lambs lettuce. I am not an expert and really am a total amateur having never successfully grown anything at all. These progators are available from any garden shop. The larger window sill pots are great as they fit in a window sill for one and they have a little water resevoir at the bottom and they do not leak onto the floor/window sill when watered.

How do I know what to do? Well I am using the excellent River cottage handbook no.4 ‘Veg Patch,’ John Harrisons ‘Vegetable, Fruit and Herb Growing in Small Spaces’ and Johns ‘Vegetable Growing Month by Month’.

I hope these things grow now that I am posting this (I have taken the river cottage advice of putting the chillis in the airing cupboard until they sprout) fingers crossed.

So like me as Maverick Sabre sings all my plants need now is sunshine, angels, something good. Apparently its good to sing to your plants.




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