Glen Hansard, The Swell Season & Sage Restaurant Midleton

A very fine  Restaurant, Sage Restaurant Midleton

NOTE:I suggest clicking on the video ‘Low Rising half way down this post whilst reading it’.

Ok friends, Midletonions, Countymen, what can I say SAGE restaurant Midleton is.

In my own humble opinion just like Carlsberg!

Probably the best up & coming restaurant in ……….’Ireland’ but do read this post with in my opinion a song that represents the atmosphere in Sage (at the bottom of this post, “Low Rising by The Swell Season”


Why not,………………………………………….

I will tell you why alors ( as they say in France.)

Sage Restaurant Midleton
Sage Restaurant Midleton

Kevin Ahern still shy of thirty serves up incredibly yummy food ‘with love & a twist’ but with great,great taste!

The best Pie in Ireland ‘The Roches Point Porter Pie’ Available at Sage Midleton


Sage serve up probably my favourite food in the world, which are pies in general. But the pies are pies filled with the best of local produce done to a very, very high standard. Believe me , trust me, listen to Glen H, these are no ordinary pies, THEY ARE EXCEPTIONAL!!!!

SAGE are Regional, Local food with LOVE & a TWIST. Basically, locally sourced food done well, with a love and a modern twist.

What can I say more SAGE is my my favourite up and coming RESTO!

Anyway you have had a Sage pie, but what do you wash it down with? Wine? No don`t be an out and out Heathen why not try the wide range of LOCAL, REGIONAL, IRISH Beers & Ciders that SAGE stocks & I guaratee you will be in store for a treat. I cannot guarantee that Reidin Kevins partner will serve it to you but here is Reidin with a small selection of what is available at SAGE.

Reidin with some artisan Beers/Ciders available at SAGE restaurant Midleton

Just in Case I forget introducing Kevin the man behind SAGE restaurant Midleton,

Kevin Ahern the Chef, Brain and driving force behind SAGE Restaurant Midleton

Anyway guys as I said if you want to get a glimpse of the atmosphere in SAGE listen to Glen Hansard and the Swell Season above.

And Glen if you ever come back to Cork, (which I know you love as I have personally chatted to you (over some pints) in An Brog in Cork City please make it down to Midleton an what is a Restaurant designed for the Swell Season and fans thereof.

goodnight folks


and if one video wasn`t enough I would just like to share this one with you as it speaks to me right now


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