Growing my own Veg update March

Hi all, a number of you have been asking how my veg that I planted earlier in the year are doing, well here is a visual update as there is not much to say about growing plants, I water them, and leave them in the light. However 2 tips I have picked up are

1: If the seeds are large enough to allow, pop them into your mouth under your tongue, cover them in spit and the plant should then concentrate the nutrients that your body needs taking information gleaned from your saliva.

2: To germinate the chilli’s you must keep them in the hot press untill they start to poke a plant through the propagator top, (otherwise they just wont grow) then you can put them on a window ledge.

The Red Hot Chilli peppers
Pea Shoots

Peas grow really well in propagators and pea shoots are edible and very pretty plants.

Rocket, Corn salad and cress growing happily

So as all are growing well in the propagators I need to now transfer all into bigger pots.

Re-potted plants

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