A Taste of Ireland : Simple Pleasures Are the Best: Blackberries Straight From the Hedgerow

A Taste of Ireland Simple pleasures are the best, blackberries picked from the hedge

Whilst out for a run recently I noticed an older gentleman hanging around the hedgerow, now most people would have thought this odd, that maybe this was a strange old man that should be watched in case he was up to something. I didn`t because I was concious of his secret, which was that the blackberries are in season and the bushes he was picking were yielding a good kilo of delicious ripe blackberries. Admittedly had I not become aware of wild food last year I too would have thought this older, knowlegeable gentleman to be a bit dodgy or in fact quite mad.

He had noticed that I was watching him whilst I was doing my laps so I called over ‘leave me some!’ He went on to explain to me that the bush was yielding at least a kilo a day and would go on so for several more days. We went on to discuss the rosebay willow herb and the ripening elderberries in the vicinity and also how strange it was that noone ever picked blackberries. He even remarked that people would find it strange that two men would be picking wild blackberries instead of buying them down the local supermarket and that some would probably call for us to be taken away in white jackets for doing so. ‘Should be the other way about’ he quipped as he thought it madness to pay for something shipped from Portugal when there it was growing locally for free. I agree, and went back in two days time to pick my kilos worth as the blighter had eaten most of the blackberries going.

Blackberries are in season, I would encourage you all to enjoy a simple pleasure, that is packed full of goodness and vitamin C.


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