A Taste of Ireland Midleton Jameson Whiskey Distillery Co Cork


Coppers still pots at the old Midleton Distillery

Midleton Distillery is Irelands largest whiskey distillery and home to the famous brands of Jameson, Paddy, Powers and the exceptional Midleton very rare.
It also boasts the worlds largets still pot at an approx capacity of 31,000 gallons.

The old distillery is probably one of the best visitors attractions in Ireland with the tour explaining the history of whiskey making, and a tour of the old distillery,  a highlight being one of the worlds largest copper stills and finally a free glass of whiskey. When on the tour make sure you volunteer for a whiskey tasting at the end for more free whiskey!


Old lorry at Midleton Distillery

Originally the site of an old woollen mill established in 1796 the original distillery was established by James Murphy & Co. The original distillery ended its working life in 1975,  moving nearby to the modern facility, however it lives on as a whiskey museum and forms the basis for the tour.

Jameson Whiskey the final product

After a tour a warm glass of Jameson is waiting at the end for all ticket holders  in the Midleton distillery bar.

Midleton Distillery Co Cork kids will love the big still pot and adults the uisce beatha.

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