A Taste of Ireland: An Fod Dubh Co Mayo

An Fod Dubh Co Mayo
An Fod Dubh Co Mayo

Sometimes the drive to a location isn`t worth it and sometimes like this evening it is worth every penny of petrol used to get there.

Perched right at the edge of Ireland and Europe, is a wonderful Gaeltacht area on the Bellmullet peninsula called Blacksod Bay.

The shot above taken this evening is looking towards Achill Island and Slievemore, a mountain that can appear closer or farther away depending on the weather conditions, as Im told by the locals.

Lobsters are to be found in the sea in the foreground and like most Irish lobster it is exported to europe, not finding any place in these parts selling fresh lobster straight off the boat,

I had to content myself with peperoni pizza. One wonders why we dont eat whats on our doorstep? Lobsters in these parts should cost the same as a pizza.

In fact the picture above shows periwinkles and limpets in abundance a seafood feast but again I had a pizza, something for myself to think about there.

On the way here I passed, Ballycastle, Downpatrick head and Bangor, I got a little confused there I thought I was driving the Antrim/Down coastline for a while.

As a foodie aside I can highly reccomend Marys cottage kitchen in Ballycastle for really good food, and chocolate torte all with an open turf fire

marys-cottage-kitchen 2 marys-cottage-kitchen


Nothing left now but to sit back for the evening put a bit of turf on the fire from the omnipresent Mayo boglands, open a beer and stick a bit of Peter Greens Fleetwood mac on.


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  1. oiyoufood says:

    Beautiful photo! Had to add them to must visit places. However, I’ll be well disappointed with the lack of fresh sea food.

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