A Taste of Ireland Eithna’s by the Sea & Mullaghmore Co Sligo

Mullaghmore Harbour Co Sligo, and the view from Eithne`s by the sea.
Mullaghmore Harbour Co Sligo, and the view from Eithne`s by the sea.

Mullaghmore harbour co Sligo, on a sunny day in July, like today, is in the humble opinion of this writer one of the most stunning locations to spend a day.
Why does this small fishing village in Irelands north west deserve this accolade?
The reasons are many, the fantastic views of the Dartry mountain ranges, (Ben Bulben, Ben Wiskin…), the wonderful sweeping sandy beach, the really beautiful stone harbour, the water sports available such as diving, snorkelling, sailing, the wonderful Atlantic walk around Mullaghmore head, the stunning Classie Bawn castle.

Classie Bawn Castle Mullaghmore
Classie Bawn Castle Mullaghmore

All these things go to making Mullaghmore very special however, top of the list for this writer is the sea food. Mullaghmore is a major port for lobster, crab, and prawns,

See http://www.mullaghmoreseafarm.com/

You would expect to find the best quality sea food available and find it you will, as thankfully Eithne`s by the sea has re-opened,



Eithes by the sea in the sun, best place to be to see the fantastic views of Ben Bulben from Mullaghmore Harbour.
Eithe’s by the sea in the sun, best place to be to see the fantastic views of Ben Bulben from Mullaghmore Harbour.
Eithne at her restaurant.
Eithne at her restaurant.

Eithne`s by the sea is the inspiration for this post, as I have to say I enjoyed probably the best ever lunch I have ever had in any Irish restaurant (Kevin Aherne’s, signature pork dish in Sage Midleton comes a close second), but given the location, the freshness of the Lobster, crab and the sun today, I cannot recommend this wonderful newly re-opened restaurant any more highly.

A little more on the history of the beautiful harbour in particular.

In the 17th century the Confiscation of Connaught was put into effect and the land divided up as payment among the Cromwellian adventurers and soldiers. The two main beneficiaries in Sligo were the Gore-Booth family of Lissadell who were given 32,000 acres and Sir John Temple. The first owner to set foot on the conquered lands of north Sligo was Henry John Temple, the third was

Viscount Palmerston, who arrived by horse and carriage in 1808. He is best known as Lord Palmerston, who served two terms as Prime Minister of England

Palmerston’s greatest achievement and contribution to the area was the development of the beautiful stone harbour in Mullaghmore which still stands. Work on it began in1822 under the direction of the engineer Alexander Nimmo. It was completed in 1841. Palmerston had big plans for it as an exporting harbour, but they never came to fruition.

Myself with the real stars of Mullaghmore, Irish Lobsters
Myself with the real stars of Mullaghmore, Irish Lobsters

3 Comments Add yours

  1. john kelly says:


    There’s the tight winding roads,
    With the breathtaking scenes,
    There’s the harbour and sunsets,
    As you laze on the green,
    There’s the pier and the sand dunes,
    Sweeping down to the shore,
    There’s the walk to the Castle,
    Mullaghmore, Mullahgmore.

    There’s the blue skies and breakers,
    Playing games in the sun,
    There’s the cows on the beach,
    Dodging kids having fun,
    There’s the Barrys old homestead,
    And ancient trails to explore,
    Ben Bulben the High Priest,
    Mullaghmore, Mullaghmore.

    Memorials will tell you,
    Of less happier days,
    While surfers come searching,
    Fifty-foot waves in the bay,
    But they’ve one thing in common,
    A special place they adore,
    Where the locals are friendly,
    Mullaghmore, Mullaghmore.

    Drop in to see Eithne,
    Serving lobster and crab,
    Local artists will tell you,
    She’s the gift of the gab,
    There are paintings and poetry,
    Behind the blue door,
    A truly stunning location,
    Mullaghmore, Mullaghmore.

    Hi, I’ve a poetry book on sale in Eithne By The Sea. This one’s not in it but I thought you’d like it.
    Warmest regards

    1. Thanks John, is this the John, went to St Michaels Kelly?

      1. john kelly says:

        Hi, no I;m afraid not. I live in Leixlip and went to school in Lucan.

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