A Taste of Ireland Sage Restaurant Midleton 12 mile menu

The last few years I had the privilege of living in Midleton Co Cork and as a consequence I had the good fortune to have dined at Sage restaurant, which I always enjoyed, mainly because it was right up my street. Gourmet quality food without the fuss and pomp added to a relaxed and cool atmosphere. Fast forward those few years and I have had the further  good fortune of working on a photographic food project with Kevin Ahern, chef and owner of Sage restaurant Midleton. The portrait work I performed can be seen on permanent display in the new
re-vamped Sage (The 12 mile producers) . The old Sage can still be seen on a blog post from a while back while we were working on the project


Some of the food photography I was doing is also on the new Sage website. http://www.sagerestaurant.ie/about/  but more will follow soon.

I shall start publishing some of the photographic and video work from those sessions also so keep tuned to my posts right here on this blog.

So for now some of the Sage 12 mile portraits are below (some are my personal choices, Kevin may have printed and displayed an alternative picture in the restaurant).

pork-1-(3) A-Taste-of-Ireland-Tom-Clancy A-Taste-of-Ireland-Orslard-cottage-carrigtwohill A-Taste-of-Ireland-OFarrels-Midleton A-Taste-of-Ireland-John-Tait-Angus-Beef A-Taste-of-Ireland-Ballyhoura-Mushrooms A-taste-of-Ireland-12-mile-menu-Sage-Midleton-12 A-taste-of-Ireland-12-mile-menu-Sage-Midleton-11 A-taste-of-Ireland-12-mile-menu-Sage-Midleton-9 A-taste-of-Ireland-12-mile-menu-Sage-Midleton-7 A-taste-of-Ireland-12-mile-menu-Sage-Midleton-6 A-taste-of-Ireland-12-mile-menu-Sage-Midleton-5 A-taste-of-Ireland-12-mile-menu-Sage-Midleton-3 A-taste-of-Ireland-12-mile-menu-Sage-Midleton-2 A-taste-of-Ireland-12-mile-menu-Sage-Midleton

Good luck and success to Kevin with the Green room (A tapas bar with a 12 mile theme) newly opened alongside the revamped sage restaurant.



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