A Taste of Ireland episode 5: Kinnegar Brewery Co Donegal


Ok folks, in honour of the European beer bloggers conference http://beerbloggersconference.org/ taking place in Dublin this weekend I offer this blog on Kinnegar brewery, http://kinnegarbrewing.ie/ one of my current favourite breweries! Rick Levert was the first brewery I visited when making my short film Beoir “A tale of Ireland`s craft ale.”

There was a good reason to start with Kinnegar, I personally have a soft spot for “the underdog (or brewdog if you like) the small guy” but not only that, Kinnegar brewery is probably situated in one of Ireland`s most scenic spots on its Wild Atlantic way route, as you can see from the timelapse of the famous Fanad head lighthouse and the shots of the beaches etc. Not only that nearby is the party town of Letterkenny, so a visit taking in the beautiful area, the brewery and the nightlife is well worth any tourists time and spending money!

At the time Rick introduced himself as Ireland`s smallest brewer and smallest brewery, amazing given the now omnipresence of Kinnegar throughout the northwest of Ireland and Dublin. Well done Rick and god luck with the giant slaying. The pic below taken in the very fine craft beer bar Furey`s in Sligo (@fureyspub on twitter) shows the David vs Goliath feat that Rick is pulling off at the moment.

David and Goliath


Kinnegar boast an ever changing broad variety of beers, my hope is some of them stay around long enough to become classics.

I am liking the variety but worry is the choice becoming too broad too quickly?

I just was getting used to loving my devils backbone before having a new fling with my new found love Scraggy bay pale ale (on tap in Furey`s Sligo).

Let the punters decide I say as the brand is becoming strong and instantly  recognizable.

The List of Kinnegar Beers

Beer Crests_Limeburner


Limeburner is light, crisp and refreshing, like a summer’s evening with a hoppy accent at the end.
Alc. 4.7% vol.

Beer Crests_Devil's Backbone


Devil’s Backbone is full bodied and full flavoured like a mellow autumnal day with a hint of chocolate thrown in.
Alc. 4.9% vol.

Beer Crests_Scraggy Bay

SCRAGGY BAY  India Pale Ale

Fondly known as “Yellowcap”, Scraggy Bay is a balanced golden ale with a snappy little bite of hops.
Alc. 5.3% vol.

Beer Crests_Rustbucket


Rustbucket is a balance of rye and barley malt. The rye gives it a little spiciness which combines nicely with hops that contribute a citrusy note.
Alc. 5.1% vol.

Beer Crests_Rustbucket


 Yannaroddy is rich in traditional dark roasted malt flavours laced with an exotic streak of coconut.
Alc. 4.8% vol.

Tasting Line-Up





One Comment Add yours

  1. Roy says:

    Add to the list Maiden Voyage and the very tasty pumpkin and ginger Long Tongue. Limited edition bottle I know but still available.

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