A Taste of Ireland: Ardsallagh Goats Cheese

Ardsallagh cheese from Tall Story media on Vimeo.


To celebrate the launch of my new food film ’12 mile’ tomorrow at 12 o’clock here is a sneak peak of the piece on Jane Murphy`s Ardsallagh cheese

A longstanding presence at the Midleton Farmers Market, Ardsallagh hard goats cheese is a semi hard, mature cheese. It develops its famous taste as it matures, from an extremely mild cheese when young, to a distinctive flavour as it ages. The most mature Ardsallagh hard cheese can even be grated for a Parmesan-like  taste. It is available in a range of different sizes, suitable for the individual, restaurant, supermarket or delicatessen.



As Ardsallagh  is a personal favourite cheese of mine it is the cheese shown at the top of this blog site for the last 3 years. Maybe I should change that now?

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