A Taste of Ireland: Master Craft Butcher Frank Murphy Midleton

This post is a celebration of master butcher Frank Murphy. Frank to me represents all that is good about a local expert butcher and why, when a good local butcher is identified he should be treasured and supported. Why do I say this?

As a nation of meat eaters its very important to get access to good meat. A butcher like Frank murphy has a long connection to quality local meat producers. His reputation is based on the quality of his suppliers, a good local butcher is a meat expert and you can trust him. Frank has his own abattoir so you know the meat has been treated in a proper humane way, don`t forget meat must be relaxed at the point of slaughter and small local abattoirs  where the produce has not travelled far are best for this reason. Relaxed meat leads to tender meat. Local butchers are the heart of a food community and again a butcher like Frank can recommend unusual cuts and how to cook them.

If you would like to visit Frank Murphy`s shop it is located on Main Street Midleton Co Cork, this is his facebook page link.



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