A taste of Ireland: Goats cheese & New Zealand Spinach Ravioli with nastursium seeds in a mint and lemon butter sauce.

Ardsallagh Goats Ravioli
Ardsallagh Goats Ravioli

The Midleton food festival begins next weekend so to mark this event here is an article using the produce of Midleton area Ardsallagh goats cheese https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tZHoEgxw9Mo and the pottery of Midleton based ceramacist Susan Herlihy of Crafty hands pottery Studio https://vimeo.com/130915184

Something I really enjoy is visiting a great local produce market when I am lucky enough to get abroad on holiday. And how many times do we hear our friends say how great the food was when on holiday, the markets that they visited, how great the tomatoes taste in France and Italy and why can`t we have that here.

We do have it here in this country, it is all around us, there are world class local producers up and down the island of Ireland, they are most likely to be found in the farmers markets in every part of the country. The Midleton Farmers Market on a Saturday is probably one of the best.

Markets are where you come face to face to the producer him or herself, they are real people with real families and live locally. They need their community to support them so they can continue to produce great local produce. If they are organic you can ask them and make your consumer choice accordingly. We need to support our local producers or they will disappear altogether and with it choice, quality and diversity.


So today I am posting a recipe from some personal work I am doing at the moment as a taster. I am doing the sourcing, the dish design, the cooking, the food styling and the photography.

If you are a chef I`d also like to hear from you if interested in working on a project.

Goats cheese & New Zealand Spinach Ravioli with nastursium seeds in a mint and lemon butter sauce.


Ardsallagh goats cheese a hard smoked one and soft chive cheese

250g Organic pasta flour

Sea salt

2 free range eggs

New Zealand spinach (or normal spinach)

Nastursium seeds (use when still green)

½ a lemon

Handful of mint



 To make the ravioli pasta

250g of Organic pasta flour (bought from Natural choice food store Paul Street Shopping centre Cork City https://www.facebook.com/pages/Natural-Choice/136738996471453 )

2 free range eggs (from my neighbour)

Put eggs and flour with a pinch of sea salt into your food blender and blend until a sand like quality. This is the easiest thing I know, you can use your hands but I used my food blender its simple.

Take this sand like material and knead into a ball. Cover with cling film and rest at room temperature for 30 mins.

Make into pasta sheets using a hand fed pasta machine.

I used the one I bought on sale for around 25 euro from the Cook Shop on Oliver Plunkett Street Cork http://cookshop.ie


 Ravioli filling

Ardsallagh soft chive cheese from Midleton Market on a Saturday.

New Zealand spinach from my garden (this grows like a weed once sown).

1 clove of garlic

Pinch of sea salt

Blended into a smooth paste

To make the ravioli put dollops 2 fingers apart on one side of the pasta sheet, brush water down one side and then fold over the pasta sheet and press out the air around the filling. Dust the ravioli with flour and cut then dust other side with flour (this stops them sticking) and set aside.

Ardsallagh Goats Ravioli
Ardsallagh Goats Ravioli


Start to boil the water with a pinch of sea salt, that will cook the pasta.

In another pan melt a dollop of butter melt and add mint (from the garden, mint grows like a weed and I highly recommend you planting for a really great easy to grow herb), a few spoons of water from the pasta water that’s heating up pinch of sea salt & add a squeeze or two of lemon juice.

When the ravioli is cooked in the water, which is really fast 3-4 minutes add this to the pan with butter, lemon juice and mint. Add the pickled nasursium seeds (this is a recipe in itself, Im not posting for the moment, they are really great very intense nastursium flavour used a s a caper substitute here). Then grate in the hard smoked cheese from Ardsallagh, cook for between 30 to 60 secs covering the pasta in the sauce, the cheese makes the sauce thicken a little.

Then serve on a Crafty hands Midleton pottery plate.

Ardsallagh Goats Ravioli
Ardsallagh Goats Ravioli

All video and photographic content is copyright of Sean Monaghan www.atasteof-ireland.com 2015.


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