A Taste of Ireland: Midleton Food Festival Opening Night with Ballycotton Seafood & The Granary Food Store


The Midleton Food festival opened in style last night with a top rate Fish themed evening delivered from the waters of East Cork and the Celtic sea by Ballycotton Sea Food and the skill of the chefs at The Granary at The Square main Street Midleton. Tonight’s menu was as follows 


Crab Fritters with avocado puree

Seafood chowder

Baked Hake, lentils & Green Beans

Sticky Date Pudding

Choice of wines

Tea & coffee.

my-little-121I was delighted the festival opened in such a fitting way, using Ireland’s greatest resource, (its waters) from a local company based in Midleton, that is employing a considerable amount of local people in the Cork area.

Crab cakes or fritters as the menu suggested, are an absolute favourite of mine not only because they are delicious, but crab for me is an absolute icon of Irish food, being local, abundant, tasty & above all nutritious. We dare I say it have the best crab in the world and I felt I could have eaten a dozen of them.

granary-2Next was an Irish classic a seafood chowder and again it was perfect.

The main course was a fish we have all experienced on holiday as Merlu known here as Hake which is possibly my favourite white fish, why we still serve Cod and Salmon is beyond me when we have abundant supplies of this beautiful fish, prized so highly by the French, Spanish, Basque and Portuguese.


Desert was a particularly great sticky toffee fig creation, I got extra toffee sauce and it kept my sweet tooth very happy.

The evening was an utter success 10/10 and the full restaurant emptied later with well fed contented customers. Bravo to all involved and more of this type of thing please!


When I first arrived in Midleton 10 years ago I found the town was unusual in that it had the feel of a French town, with its many fine restaurants but most importantly it had a fantastic fish shop in Ballycotton seafood..


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