A Taste of Ireland: Simple Puy Lentil & Skeaghanore Duck confit Recipe

I don`t often endorse a product, usually the producers, but here in fact Im endorsing both. Skeaghanore duck confit is the product and Helena & Eugene Hickey are the producers.

I, like most of us these days have a busy schedule and I don`t always have time to eat as well as I`d like due to work commitments and I find myself all too often buying a takeaway, sound familiar, is that you? Access to good quality local food producers is not the easiest at 8 to 9 pm of an evening when its getting too late to cook. But I think the Skeaghanore duck confit available in Supervalu stores in Ireland is the perfect solution. It is priced at a nice rounded 8 euro, so around the price of your average burger and chips from your average chipper. The duck should win every time especially when I tell you that all it takes is 20 minutes in the oven at 180 degrees. Heat up a few lentils from the night before and you have a classic French dish on your hands.

There is more however, this is not an average product. You might have gathered if you read www.atasteof-ireland.com we are kinda big on locally grown, ethical, chemical free produce and producers. This product fits into this bracket and if that is how you, like me base as much of your consumer choices as possible then please do look this product up, if its not available then ask a store manager, I`ll guarantee if you ask for it, they will get it in. Supermarkets do respond to customer demand.

Skeaghanore West Cork Duck

Our fresh farm ducks are hand reared near Ballydehob, West Cork, overlooking roaring water bay. Their fuller flavour and succulent taste comes from being hand reared longer and being fed a 100% natural cereal-based diet. Our geese have plenty of space to roam and take in the fresh Atlantic air from the West Cork coastline.


  • 100% FRESH FARM REARED DUCK: All our Ducks are fed on corn feed.
  • 100% ADDITIVE FREE: ( Naturally Healthy )
  • NO Preservatives
  • NO Flavorings
  • NO Growth Promotors NO Bone strengtheners NO Anti-Oxidants.
  • NO Muscle Improvers NO Antidepressants
  • 100% TASTE: Our Duck is naturally plump, tender and succulent!
  • “The way Duck was meant to Taste – A real Taste of Nature!”
  • 100% IRISH.
  • FED ON GRAIN:, Meat & Bone Free, No poultry offal meal feed.
  • PROVENENCE/TRACEABILITY: From our farm to your Plate!
  • ETHICAL: We are committed to environmental management, Eco-Friendly packaging,
    recycling, & the improved animal welfare of our Ducks.
  • NO Hormones
  • NO Colourings
  • NO Antibiotics
  • NO Added water


Helena & Eugene Hickey,
Skeaghanore Duck,
Skeaghanore East,
West Cork.

Tel: (028)37428
E-Mail: helena.hickey@eircom.net, skeaghanoreduck@eircom.net

Simple Puy lentil & Skeaghanore Duck Recipe

  • Boil your lentils in water and cook until al  dente
  • fry onions and garlic in a pan (as much as you like).
  • Add New Zealand spinach from your garden if you have like me been doing the #12feet challenge, otherwise use any other green veg like spinach.
  • add some red wine and reduce
  • Add your puy lentils
  • add some more red wine and reduce until lentils are heated through
  • Add herbs, any green herb will do, I used parsley and chickweed.

The other nibbles in the photo are courgette taters, that’s for another recipe.

Duck is bought in Super valu for 8 euro and heated until crispy for 20 mins at 180 degrees C.

Easy peasy,  winner, winner duck dinner.

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All  all  food photography is copyright of Sean Monaghan www.atasteof-ireland.com 2015. Photos of Skeganore duck I borrowed from their website and I did not take these photos (for a change).

Pottery used

All pottery is supplied by Midleton based ceramicist Susan Herlihy of Craft Hands pottery studio. https://vimeo.com/130915184





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