Wild Pigeon, shitake & cabbage Gyoza (pot stickers) with pan Fried wild pigeon breasts, Daikon Kimchi and tempura Shitake mushrooms.


Wild Pigeon, shitake & cabbage Gyoza (pot stickers) with pan Fried wild pigeon breasts, Daikon Kimchi and tempura Shitake mushrooms.

 I love living in Cork and I love it because it really is the food capital of Ireland. I say this even though Cork does not boast one solitary Michelin star. I say this because I believe it is the quality, variety and the availability of great fresh local produce that is on offer in Cork that makes it a great food city and not the number of Michelin stars.

The dish pictured (although not immediately obvious) is a direct result of living here, it is a Japanese/Korean inspired dish using ingredients all bought in Cork city and Midleton farmers market. Although you might think Ireland and Japan are very different food cultures, if you look at the produce the Japanese have available to them, you will realise they have much the same as we do, namely seaweeds, mushrooms, great butter, great beef and so on. The Japanese influence is a direct result of eating some fabulous Japanese food at the excellent Miyazaki Cork https://www.facebook.com/miyazakicork/

near Barrack Street in Cork city and this is my attempt to bring what I`ve tasted to my own Kitchen table.

The Shitake mushrooms are fresh shitake from the wonderful Ballyhoura mushrooms available at Saturday markets in Midleton and Douglas and during the week at Mahon point Farmers market @irishshitake on twitter is worth a follow to see all the gourmet wild treats that husband and wife duo Lucy Deegan & Mark Gribbin (aka, Mr & Mrs Shitake) get up to.

The pigeon breasts are from the Wild Irish game company http://wildirishgame.ie/ but I bought it from a stand in the English Market (next to Tom Durcan meats) for around 1 euro a breast of the best free range (wild) poultry you can get.

The Daikon Radish, Korean chilli powder, Chinese rice wine, Gyoza skins can be found in the English market as well as Asian shops in Cork city. Im currently growing my own Daikon radish as a #12feetchallenge experiment see picture. https://atasteof-ireland.com/2015/11/26/a-taste-of-ireland12-feet-menu-inca-berries-new-zealand-spinach-courgettes-mint/ .


For the Gyoza

Gyoza or dumpling wrappers




Rice Wine




6 Pigeon breasts if making for 2-3 people.

Other Ingredients

Soy sauce

Chinese rice wine

Daikon Radish Kimchi


Shitake Mushrooms

Sea Salt & Pepper

Place pigeon breasts on a plate and season with sea salt and pepper and leave until required.

Then make the Gyoza mix.

To make the Gyoza filling,

blitz 5 garlic bulbs, a 1/2 inch piece of ginger and coriander in a food blender, then add cabbage and blitz, add some Chinese rice wine, to moisten the mix, then add 2 pigeon breasts and blitz. Put in the fridge for 30 minutes to firm up the mixture.

When ready make up the Gyoza, I won`t describe this I`ll do a video post on how to do this and add later to this post.

When you have made your Gyoza dumplings fry the Gyoza in the pan with some oil, when they start to go brown on the bottom add a few table spoons of water (or some dashi stock, if you have some made) then cover the pan with a lid to steam the tops and contents of the Gyoza dumplings for approximately 2-3 minutes.

When the Gyoza are steaming you can fry the pigeon breasts, don’t over cook I like to cook mine medium. Then leave to rest while you make the tempura.

To make the tempura

Make sure you make the tempura last,

Have your oil already hot at a temperature that when you add the batter it sinks then floats to the top and sizzles, if its too hot the batter sizzles instantly and doesn`t sink, (approx. 180 degrees C)

When oil is at temperature, combine the beaten egg with cold sparkling water, and then beat in the flour, (use chop sticks for a more authentic procedure but a whisk is fine). A secret is not to overmix the batter as small clumps of flour help the tempura be lighter and crunchier.

When ready drop in your shitake mushrooms and cover in the mix, then add to your oil and cook.

The tempura should be golden and crunchy.

The Kimchi will have been fermenting in your fridge and again I will describe how to make this in another post in detail.

The order to cook this dish is

1: Prepare and fry the Gyoza first, but when steaming fry the pigeon breasts

2: When the pigeon breasts are resting and the Gyoza are cooling, fry the Shitake tempura.

3: Plate and serve.

That’s all a Japanese/Korean style dish made in Cork.

Pottery used

All pottery is supplied by Midleton based ceramicist Susan Herlihy of Crafty Hands pottery studio. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Craftyhands-pottery-studio/123798867639587


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All food was cooked, styled by Sean Monaghan, all video and photographic content is copyright of Sean Monaghan www.atasteof-ireland.com 2016



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