Halibut, Seaweed & Dashi recipe from Bryan McCarthy of Greenes Restaurant Cork .

Halibut, Seaweed & Dashi recipe from Bryan McCarthy of Greenes Restaurant Cork

Here is a new series of videos from me, I am big into locally sourced food, as is the featured chef Bryan McCarthy. This includes foraged foods and seaweeds. I was talking to Bryan one day about making a video and at the time I was cooking & photographing a lot of dashi based dishes for a book project I am working on and we started talking about Dashi. Bryan told me he uses it all the time in his “modern Irish” cooking, I was hooked on the idea of doing a video on that, so we did.


There are many reasons to use Dashi and chefs often talk about the umami flavor it brings (the yumminess) to a dish however dashi is a very powerful healing liquid filled with powerful healing chemicals from the Shitake mushrooms and the seaweed base. I am sure the fermented and dried Tuna also probably adds good probiotic bacteria to the mix as well. So its more than just a flavor enhancer.

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