Beoir The Film

Beoir A Tale of Ireland`s Craft Ale


Beoir: A Tale Of Irish Craft Ale from Tall Story media on Vimeo.

So the full film is above, to view on the web, please do share on face book and twitter to help spread the craft beer Gospel.

I feel its very important t support local craft breweries as they will lead to jobs and will help the local economy in the long run. It did so in America and there is no reason why this can`t be the case in Ireland.

  • If you are a Restaurant, Pub, venue, a society, a festival  or a beer club that would like to show an Irish made short film about Ireland`s emerging craft beer scene please leave us a comment or message us at twitter @atasteofireland  to arrange a screening.

Beoir, (the Irish word for beer), is a short  film about the emerging Irish craft brewery scene, showcasing The Donegal brewing company, Innishmacsaint brewing company, Mescan brewing company, Kinnegar brewing company and Poker Tree brewing company. These new mainly farmhouse breweries are based on the wonderful green island of Ireland. This film showcases not only  the breweries but the Island of Ireland itself. Listen to the brewers tell their story in their own words and follow them on their journey at the very start of this emerging craft brewing scene in Ireland. From under Irelands holy mountain Croagh Patrick to the lakes of Fermanagh, Beoir is a fascinating and beautifully shot film.

Music by Stray Theories “Even though we sleep”

And Irish band  (formerly Ladydoll: “Genetics”, (Currently Noir Noir).


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